Every academic year, in the latter part of the second semester, there is a general election process for student leaders into various offices that would constitute what is understood as the Students’ Council, now called the Guild of Students. (See Constitution for more information).

Student governance at Bethlehem Moravian College has always played an integral part in the life of the institution.  As a multi-disciplinary institution, the college does not only seek to educate students in academia, but it also exposes students to leadership responsibilities.

This page is administered by the members of Guild- elected student leaders- and as such making a creative platform to display information to the public.

We trust that you enjoy browsing through our website.

Useful Links:

Bethlehem Moravian College’s Page: http://bmc.edu.jm

Ministry of Education’s Page: http://www.moey.gov.jm

Jamaica Teachers’ Association’s Page: http://www.jta.org.jm

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