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Location  Malvern District, Malvern P.O., St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. West Indies

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telephone-png-icon-picture-14 Contact numbers: 18765794584 or 18765644579

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President Logo Guild of Students’ President



0004320_vice-president-pin_625 1st Vice President of Academic Affairs and Clubs and Societies


0004320_vice-president-pin_625 2nd Vice President of Communication and Welfare


B735-00 Director of Sports, Entertainment and Cultural Affairs


Year Group Coordinators

coordinator_badge Fourth Year Group and Advanced Placement Coordinator


coordinator_badge Third Year Group Coordinator


coordinator_badge Second Year Group Coordinator


coordinator_badge First Year Group Coordinator


coordinator_badge Associate Degree Coordinator



coordinator_badge  Off Campus Coordinator-Rhode Hall High School, Hanover


coordinator_badge Continuing Education Coordinator




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