Year Group Coordinators’ Messages (2015-16)


Message from the Fourth Year Group Coordinator (Mr. Audley Feare):


“Bethlehemites, promoting educational and social change, our civic responsibility.”

With the above mentioned theme for this academic year (2015-2016), the Guild of Students is promoting a social change by using a Guild’s Website as another means of communication with the public.  To this end we are raising the bar of our effectiveness-which is a part of our constitutional responsibility.  I therefore take great pleasure in welcoming one and all to this Website.

 As the holidays faded into the sunset, we are now at the dawn of a new semester.  I trust that for this semester we are prepared holistically to grapple with the challenges that we will face, in order to mold us into better persons.  As we strive for academic excellence it is uncontested that we comport ourselves with integrity, persistency, astuteness, self discipline and professionalism. With this mind, I pray God’s richest blessings on us for this semester.

Mihi cura futuri- My care is for the future.


Message from the Third Year Group Coordinator (Ms. Shanais Simms):


“Only the best is good enough.”

I would like to use this medium to welcome the school’s population.  I also wish that this webpage that the academic guild 2015-2016 has created will better inform students of the the things they need to know as they arise. As the festive season has ended. I wish and hope that it was a joyous and fun holiday for everyone. I encourage my batch that whilst our second semester begins with a tedious and nerve rocking experience always remember God is there for us. Also remember the Guild of students is here for you so when the rough patches come never be afraid to call on us. As the second semester creeps up I encourage all students to work hard at their academic standard and always remember only the best is good enough.

Message from the Second Year Group Coordinator (Mr. Miguel Griffiths):


“After all the cake eating and the sorrel drinking, it is time to get back to the books.”

I want to pleasantly welcome all students back to school.  It is my hope that you are all ready to take on this semester with determination, persistence, discipline and motivation.

I wish for you a successful semester. For first and second years, please endeavor to do the very best you can at all your courses. For third years make sure you go on teaching practice with resilience to make it a fulfilling one. Fourth years I hope at the end of this semester you all will be pleased with the work you have put into your Research.  Lastly, congratulations to everyone of you on reaching thus far in your academic journey and all the best for this semester.

Success in inevitable so we must triumph over all our obstacles.  Make this semester a merry and happy one.


Message from the First Year Group Coordinator (Ms. Ann-Marie Elliot):


“Have a prosperous and fulfilling second semester”

As First Year Group Coordinator for the academic year 2015-2016, It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the Bethlehem Moravian College Guild’s Website. I trust and hope that all the information available to you will be sufficient to meet what your expectations.

For this second semester, as we begin a new year (2016), start it with determination, hope, dedication and hard work.  Let this year be a year to remember with having a prosperous and fulfilling time at college this semester.  In the end, let us say, “yes it was truly an academic year of accomplishment and success.”

I encourage you to work hard as well as aim high in life. Make your dream a reality because you can.  With God by your side there is hope for tomorrow. Have a prosperous and fulfilled 2016!


Message from the Advance Placement Coordinator (Mr. Garvin Thompson):


“Continue to let our beacons shine.”

As we embark on a new leg of our journey with new blessings, new challenges and new opportunities let me take the opportunity to welcome you all back to school. My wish is that we will seize every chance that presents itself to us and use it wisely for our continued advancement.

For some of us we are just continuing the journey but for some they have detoured a little to complete additional tasks necessary on their other road of success. Therefore, I want to wish final year students all the best and hope that their experience will be a rewarding and fulfilling one. To the rest of us let’s continue to let the beacon shine while we continue to strive towards our dreams.


Message from the Continuing Education Representative (Mr. Nevon Thompson):


“A chain is as strong as its weakest link.”

I deem it a privilege to be given the opportunity to serve as your Continuing Education Representative.  I must commend you all for your cooperation throughout 2015. I promise to continue to serve you to the best of my ability within the new year (2016). In doing this we must look back at the previous year (2015) so as to correct the failures that we have encountered. As only with learnt lessons from the past we will be able to correct the future. I also believe that only your best is good enough and working together is the only way success is achievable.

It is said “A chain is as strong as its weakest link.” As you prepare to return to school I do hope you are well rested as there will be much work to be done. In order to serve you better we have created a Guild’s page which you will find very useful as it was created with your interest at heart. I thank you.

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