History making at Bethlehem Moravian College and on the Guild of Students

The JCDC Miss St. Elizabeth Festival Queen competition has been a competitive event which saw four beautiful and passionate Bethlehemites entering. The competitors did not rest as they travel to points of the parish in attempt to capture the crown. The race was intense as the Bethlehemites lit the Alpart Sports Club on Saturday Night (May 14, 2016) with the beacon. As the teeth beating moment pulled close, there was no breath left in the ladies lungs as positions were announced. Bethlehem captured the first place and third runner up positions. We, the Guild of Students would like to congratulate our fellow Guild member Ann-Marie Elliot (First Year Group Coordinator) and Shannette Daley for making a stunning achievement in capturing two of the top positions of the JCDC Festival Competition. In addition, we must commend Kadian Fletcher and Delacia Wiggan for demonstrating the confidence and zeal to enter the competition. Congratulations ladies…You have done us proud!!!

Ann-Marie is the first Bethlehem student and Guild of Students member to capture the Miss St. Elizabeth Festival Queen but is not the first to enter and achieve. N.B. the first “First Year Student to capture the top position”. Dono-Mar was the first Student Council member and Bethlehem student to capture Second Runner Up position in the Miss St. Elizabeth Festival Queen Competition 2015. In addition, Roxanne Reid was the first student of the Bachelors of Education Programme to enter the Miss St. Elizabeth Festival Queen Competition 2013.

Contributed by: Joshua Black, Guild President

Summer Employment for the Students’ Union


National Health Fund
National Health Fund is soliciting  application for summer employment. Address cover letter and resume to Human Resource Department National Health Fund. 25 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5.

Carib 5

Carib 5 is currently recruiting – Concession agents, Palace Multiplex Projectionist/Maintenance, Box Office Cashiers, Clerical Assistants, Ushers & Janitors:
Flow Call Centre
Flow is cureently recruiting youth 18-25 interested in working in call center environment for hire:

General Scholarships and Grants Opportunities for Tertiary Students:


TalkUpYout! is recruiting youth 14-25 years for audition to participate in season six of the TalkUpYout TV show.  Email a two (2) minuet video to on a unique issue affecting youth and say why you are the best fit for the TalkUpYout TV Show:


Jamaica Teaching Council in Association with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture


Mentorship & Beginning Teachers’ Induction Programme-Induction of Beginning Teachers’ Workshop (Bethlehem Moravian College) Review

Investigative Approach to the use of Data to improve Teaching and Learning  by Dr. Wayne Campbell

Dr. Campbell introduce a creative and dynamic way of using data collected by schools annually to make better and informed decisions in the teaching and learning process.


Dr. Wayne Campbell

He went further to engage the 4th Year students in a hands-on activity (Cooperative Approach) in analyzing examination data of students when they were at the GSAT and CSEC level.


The Service Oriented Teacher by Mrs. Carole Rowe

“Weapons of mass construction in the classroom” (Rowe, 2016)


Mrs. Carole Rowe

Mrs. Rowe gave a warm presentation and putting the 4th Year B. Ed in a vehicle and bringing them down ‘The Service Oriented Teacher Avenue’. She frequently stop at various places on the avenue which speaks to the teacher offering service to the students, community, colleagues and stakeholders. She closed her presentation with a video of Rita Pierson reminding the graduating B.Ed batch that “Every Kid needs a champion”.

The Emergent Master Teacher by Mrs. Joan Davis-Williams


Mrs. Davis-Williams in action at Bethlehem Moravian College

Energetic, sizzling, vibrant, spirited were among some of the adjectives used to describe Mrs. Davis-Williams. With a captivated audience, Mrs. Davis-Williams carried out a dynamic campaign to equip student-teachers with adequate knowledge, skills and confidence in approaching the working world as a teacher. Some of the moments captured were…

“No matter what people say, think big”

In chases where you have put out your all  and your attempt is not recognized. “Let the teacher keep her failing grade and keep your dream”.

“Forks have traits we all want to have-shiny, durable etc.”

“Stretching ourselves beyond our expectations”


Mrs. Joan Davis-Williams

“Ships are suppose to take you somewhere but if it is not taking you anywhere; jump ship”

“As teachers, your heart should be beating for the job”

Motivate your students and show them that you care by “Help me Brag, I did it”

Contributed by:

Joshua Black

President, Guild of Students 2015/2016



The Jamaica Values and Attitudes (JAMVAT) programme provides financial support to new and current tertiary students on the condition of students  participation in the development of the nation’s social capital through their contribution of 200 hours of public service. In response, the government undertakes 30% of the student’s tuition cost. Application for this programme is open and will be closed on May 31(for Returning Students) & August 31 2016 (for new students).

Applications are now being invited for suitably qualified students to the Jamaica Values and Attitude Programme (JAMVAT) for the academic year 2016 -2017.  JAMVAT is a programme sponsored by the Government of Jamaica which provides an education support equivalent to 30% of tuition for tertiary students who complete 200 or more voluntary hours.



Poster-JAMVAT OPENING 2016-2017


National Youth Service Community Based Organizations Grant Funding


The National Youth Service has extended its application period for the submission of Community Based Organizations Grant Funding Proposal at JMD $500,000.00 to undertake community youth projects and or programmes addressing social issues affecting the community or the nation.

The Grant Proposals must include any of the following areas: Personal and Professional Development, Volunteerism, Serving Persons Living with Disabilities and Entrepreneurship etc.

Finally the General Application periods for the NYS Grant Funding are

  • January – February
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – November


NYS Grants

Anniversary Column
Bethlehem Moravian College 155th Anniversary Calendar of Events
Bethlehem Moravian College 15Anniversary Calendar of Events
February 21- Thanksgiving Service
March 14-18- Bethlehem Week
March 15- Research Symposium
March 17- College Open Day and Launch of Criminal Justice
April 7- 5K Run for Life
April 15- Athletics Sports
April 21- Awards Ceremony
April 23- Miss BMC Competition
April- Pantomime
May 26- Valedictory Service
June 12- Gleaner Supplement
June 25- 155th Anniversary Banquet
July 15-17- Home Coming weekend/Batch Reunion
August 13-21- 155th Anniversary Cruise
August 25- Back to School Fair
August 29-30- Colloquium
September 10- Freshers’ Concert
September 12- Commencement Service and Inauguration of student guild/presentation of Peer Leaders and Class Representatives
October 10-14- Heritage Fest/Heritage Lecture- Social Studies Department
October 16- Bethlehem Alumini Association (New York Chapter) 22nd Anniversary Celebration and Awards Benefits
October 17-Bread Festival
November- Graduation Exercise
December 7-Evening of Excellence
Any changes we will inform of it.


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