Students’ Union Corner

Videos featuring student involvement or participation

Bethlehem Moravian College Annual Award Ceremony

Students being recognized  from their academic excellence or non-academic involvement in the College.

Bethlehem Moravian College Sports’ Day 2016

Aggrey House…Winning Routine


Washington House…Second Place Routine


Ashton House…Third Place Routine


The launch of the Criminal Justice Programme

Jamaica Constabulary Force, Bethlehem Moravian College Cadet Coop and Manchester High School Cadet Coop and Marching Band making their parade as well as administering the flag raising.



Manchester High School performing “Total Praise” and “My Soul”



Ricardo Robinson, Timothy Tulloch and Joshua Black performs “Mi lost Culture” at the JCDC Expo hosted at Bethlehem Moravian College Chapel (March 18, 2016)

Third Year English and Literature Students performing a poetry piece


Jodian Harvey presenting a stunning performance that left the chapel in laughter and astonishment…”Are your mind in the gutters?”


Flemming Hall carrying out Devotion with Mrs. Audrey Hanson