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The Bethlehem Moravian College Guild pledges to work impartially with all students. We aspire to foster positive attitudes and values that are geared toward promoting civic competence as well as character. We aim to think right. We aim to act right. We promise to be standard bearers in the maintenance of good governance, respect for authority, accountability and inter-personal relationships, So that we will be the beacon of care and the light for the future.

The Mission of the Guild of Students

To effectively serve and protect the rights of all Students promoting their academic, social, spiritual, cultural, professional and physical development while fostering their effective function in their chosen field and other services in the wider community.

The Aims and Objectives of the Guild of Students

  1. To represent the interest of all students within the institution:
  2. To secure and develop all aspects of the institution;
  3. To develop and promote such activities that will strive to the realization of the social, cultural, intellectual and religious awareness of the students.
  4. To foster good relationships between: administrators and students, lectures and students and between students and students.
  5. To identify, harness and utilize all available resources for the general good of all students and the College Community as a whole.
  6. To identify all problems within the formal curriculum of the college or otherwise and work to have them redressed.
  7. To afford a recognized means of communication between the students and the authoritiesof the institution.
  8. To develop a tradition of service and to inculcate in the students a sense of social responsibility.
  9. To promote, support and defend the freedom of members of the guild in the performance of their duties and functions as well as the rights and responsibilities of the Students’ Union.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

Know your Rights

  • The right to expect an education of the highest quality
  • The right to develop their potential to the best of their abilities
  • The right to inquire about and to recommend improvements in policies, regulations, and procedures affecting the welfare of students
  • The right to a campus environment characterized by safety and order
  • The right to a fair hearing when disciplinary action is applied to an individual or group
  • The right to a re-mark of his/her coursework, project, examination script or other as long as he/she is satisfied with the process.

Be aware of your responsibilities

  • The responsibility to be fully acquainted with published regulations and to comply with them in the interest of an orderly and productive community.
  • The responsibility of knowing that one’s conduct reflects not only upon him/herself but also upon the College and its community.
  • The responsibility to follow the tenets of common decency and acceptable behaviour commensurate with the aspiration implied by a College education.
  • The responsibility to respect the rights and property of others.
  • The responsibility to attend classes, complete assignments and be fully immersed in the programme of study for which they have been registered.
  • The responsibility to see to the preservation of all college facilities.


Equip ourselves with an understanding of the plans the institution have for the institution in the future.



Bethlehem Moravian College Guild of Students |Constitution

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